9 Ways to Treat Your Skin Like Royalty (Today)

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that getting your skin care routine right can be tricky, but here are some practical tips to beautiful looking and feeling skin in no time!  


Tip #1

Find out your skin type and care for it accordingly

Your skin type is determined by how much oil and water is present in it. Remember that your skin changes over time because it loses moisture and elasticity. This could be as a result of age, hormones or even the medication you take.


Tip #2

What is normal skin?

This is skin that has a great balance of oil and water which means it’s not too oily and not too dry. It doesn’t usually have blemishes or pimples and is usually found in 20-30-year olds. It is easy to care for and a normal cleanse, tone, moisturising routine is perfect. 

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What is combination skin?

This is skin that is partly dry and partly oily; usually oily in the T-shape of forehead, nose and chin. It can be prone to spots and blackheads in some places and dry and tight in others. This means it can be tricky to care for but depending on whether you think it’s drier or oilier, you should select skin care products accordingly. You could even use oily products for the oily parts and dry products for the dry parts, if your skin is quite problematic. 

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What is dry skin?

This is skin that has very little elasticity. It is usually found in older people and is usually tight with some fine lines mostly around the eyes. In extreme cases, the skin can look dull or be red and patchy and a rich moisturiser is key as well as drinking lots of water to keep the skin hydrated from the inside. 

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What is oily skin?

This is skin that is shiny and prone to blocked pores and breakouts of pimples. Do not pick or squeeze pimples as this can cause permanent blemishes. This skin type can vary depending on the weather, stress and hormone imbalances (typically in puberty). A gentle skin care routine is needed here to keep the skin clean, from a gentle cleanser, using toner to remove excess oiliness and then some very light moisturiser.   

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Tip #3

Consistency is key

Care for your skin daily and consistently. Start caring for your skin early; once the damage is done, it can’t be repaired, and it makes your skin care more difficult in the future.


Tip #4

The importance of toner

Remember to follow the full cleanse, tone and moisturise routine. Many people skip the toner, but toners are an important part of the routine because they help remove dead skin cells and keep your skin looking beautiful and radiant.

Toner for dry skin; Toner for oily skin; Toner for normal or combination skin


Tip #5

The value of sunscreen

As the ozone layer debate continues to rage, UV rays are becoming deadlier for our skin. It’s vital to apply sunscreen up to half an hour before going in the sun, and then reapply regularly. Drinking lots of water and using sunscreen stops the drying and ageing effects of the sun on your skin, which brings along the wrinkles before their time is due! Get used to applying sunscreen irrespective of the weather.


Tip #6

Exfoliate for radiance

Exfoliating regularly is the perfect way to remove dead skin cells and brighten dull skin.  If you feel that your skin is looking really dull and there is a build-up of dead skin, it’s better to exfoliate gently for longer than to rub harder over a shorter period of time, as this can create redness and irritation. 

Exfoliating face scrub; Exfoliating body scrub; Gentle refining polish; Pore-clearing face scrub


Tip #7

The magic of Jojoba Oil

The secret is that Jojoba Oil isn’t actually an oil; it’s a wax ester (a main component of sebum that is naturally produced by your skin) and it’s the closest thing to your skin’s own oil. This basically means that it's great for all skin types and it balances the oil levels already in your skin by adding or removing oil where necessary.   


Tip #8

Your enemies

Your enemies are stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and smoking. Yes, yes we’ve heard this before, but these things all create chemical reactions and free radicals that upset your skin’s ability to regenerate and repair itself. Choosing skin care products with antioxidants and natural plant extracts help this regeneration. The lighter your hair and eye colour and the drier your skin, the earlier you should consider switching to an anti-ageing skin care routine. 


Tip #9

Your best friends

Your best friends are water, exercise, good food choices and of course sunscreen which we discussed earlier. If your skin is dry, it’s vital that you drink lots of water so that you are also providing hydration from the inside. Eating the right food that is rich is antioxidants, vitamins and minerals means that you are giving your skin lots of goodness from the inside. Exercising regulates oil levels, boosts circulation and helps deliver nutrients to the skin.